Running, jogging or even just walking. It can have INSANE benefits on your mental and physical health. Here is my experience.

I have been running for a while now, and when i started i noticed something strange happening. Not only was i getting in better physical shape but i was becoming increasingly HAPPY!

Following on from my previous blog, this is a little tip to increase happiness in life.

Going for runs or doing any sort of HARD physical exercise WILL make you happier. But this isn’t the only benefit. I have noticed increased PRODUCTIVITY, MOTIVATION and even KINDNESS towards others.

Now, there is a slight catch. From MY experience the exercise must be HARD to get the full benefit. Relative to your fitness level of course. If walking makes you puff. Then keep walking.

There is something about having the mental toughness to push through PAIN that you never thought you could. It truly builds character, mental toughness and strength. AND this mental toughness doesn’t only apply to running, it applies to EVERYTHING in life that may be challenging. Once you begin to build mental toughness and the ability to push through pain, things like chores or house work that you’ve been putting off become a BREEZE. And when you are able to complete such tasks everyday without PROCRASTINATING for hours first, you will have so much more time to pursue the things that you really love and have a passion for. And THAT is a MAJOR key to happiness.

It makes sense right? If you love doing something. Doing it MORE will increase your happiness.

An unexpected positive from running I know.



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