Happiness is weird.
We spend our whole lives trying to achieve it, yet very few TRULY do consistently.

When you really think about it, happiness is the ULTIMATE goal in life, right? I mean, we pretty much do everything in our power to BE happy.

So why is it that humans in present time are so BAD at making ourselves happy? In Australia alone in 2016 2,151 men and 715 women took their own lives (Mindframe, 2018). To me, this confirms that we DO NOT understand the mechanics that make a human happy.

Something interesting in that statistic is that the female suicide number is more than HALF the male. Maybe us men could learn a thing or two from women…

Something I have heard many times in my life is when you are feeling down, or hurt it is important to talk to someone, anyone about these problems. And one thing i have noticed over my life is that women LOVE to talk. About anything really, but i guess feelings and problems come up in conversation from time to time. So, maybe there IS some truth to the ‘Talk about your feelings’ approach.

As a male, I have grown up around the FIERCE social stigma that is “if you talk about your feelings, you’re a wimp”. Personally i have dealt with it fine and have not suffered from depression. HOWEVER, it is obvious that MANY men across Australia and the world have and it has gotten to the point where they feel like they cannot go on anymore.

Suicide affects MILLIONS of families and friends every year. It is horrible. But maybe if we try to destroy the BULLSHIT social stigma that it is not okay to talk about your feelings then MAYBE we will be on our way to a decline in suicide rates.

it is OKAY to NOT be okay! if you are feeling like shit. Talk to someone, whether it’s a friend, family member or a psychiatrist, just talk. AND, if someone tries to open up about their feelings to YOU, please, listen and be there for them. It’s a lot easier to have a 15 minute chat with your mate every now and again than to lose them FOREVER.



If anyone has any feedback or comments, feel free to comment BELOW 🙂




Mindframe. 2018. Mindframe. Available at: http://www.mindframe-media.info/for-media/reporting-suicide/facts-and-stats


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