I know its a point that has been talked about a million times. I see a video about it on Facebook every few months.

It about getting off your phone and experiencing this amazing world we live in.

Everyday i notice people around me on their mobile devices NOT taking in any of the world around them. It is honestly FUCKED.
I am NOT perfect, i am guilty of doing it from time to time. BUT everyday i make an EFFORT to put down my phone and take in what is going on around me and actually EXPERIENCE life through my eyes, NOT a screen…

The thing that triggered me to make this effort was NOT those cheesy videos on Facebook. But experiencing my own Dad missing the life of his loved ones while he was too busy staring at a pointless video on FACEBOOK.

Its VERY sad to experience a Father not look up from his phone when his son EXCITEDLY approaches him after achieving something he is super proud of. And the Father to tell his own son he is TOO BUSY to talk…

Now, i think Facebook is an amazing tool, as is all social media. It has the power to connect friends and family miles away with just the click of a button. It created the easiest way to contact other people in history.

But. We have begun to misuse it. OVERUSE it. and ABUSE it.

Ever since i moved to the city i have noticed it even more.

when i sit on public transport 99% of people sit on their phones the whole time.

When i walk the streets so many are looking down at their phone, almost walking into other people…who are also on their phone.

As a shy kid i was afraid to go into public in case someone said hello to me and wanted to talk. I feel if i was the same kid NOW i would NOT be afraid. Because, NO ONE is talking. It is actually upsetting to see.

When i walk around the city, or catch public transport. I feel out of place when i’m NOT on my phone. When you think about that for a while it begins to seem so fucking TWISTED.

Life is so much better experienced through your own eyes, felt with your own hands, NOT watched through a screen.

If you could take anything from this post, it would be to LOOK UP!

Get off your phone. Just for a bit. Talk to a stranger. You would be surprised the amazing people you meet if you just say HI.


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